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Where Empires Are Born



KUBE architecture recently assisted with the realization of the Tiny Empire Co-Working Experience in the trendy East City precinct of Cape Town. Located at street level in Wolroy House, a Cape Victorian style building, the space will be co-inhabited by Tiny Empire, Mother City Hardware and Deluxe Coffee Works adding to the precinct’s reputation as the Cape Town Coffee hub. Continue reading

The New Deluxe Coffee Works, Yard Dive Vibe and Mucky Mary’s Hubcap Breakfast!


The new roaster customized by local graffiti artist, Mantis.

The New Deluxe is located just around the corner from KUBE architecture so for us this is a pretty special event. No more having to settle for second rate offerings. Kudos to Olaf Nel, who was also responsible for the Church street outlet. It looks great and while the wait has been painful, the new shop is finally open. Continue reading

Coffee vs. Water footprint: What is your habit costing?


“It can take up to 140 litres of water to produce each cup of coffee” 

Ruth Matthews, Executive director of the Water Footprint Network [source]

The fact that KUBE architecture is run on a constant supply of good strong coffee coupled with an increased passion for sustainable development means that we found this statement rather alarming. Adding to our discomfort was the indication that the upcoming dry months will place severe strain on the City’s water resources. Luckily Cape Town is famous for the amount of coffee consumed rather than produced but the coffee scenario did highlight an uncomfortable truth. Continue reading