The Harrington String Installation

KUBE_Harrington Entrance 01

The Harrington is located in the East city precinct of Cape Town.  The area has silently been growing in popularity with creatives and corporates alike. Earmarked by the city as a special design and development district, the area has slowly evolved into a breeding ground for small businesses . KUBE architecture was appointed by BLEND property group to assist with the refurbishment of then titled “Harrington House” completed in 2018.  The String installation is located at the entrance to the Open 24 Hours Gallery which also doubles as the foyer to The Harrington. Martin Epstein, of Blend worked closely with artist Morne Visagie  to refine the details and achieve the desired effect.

Inside the gallery executives as well as young creatives are greeted by a display of installation art. These interventions by local artists add an important sense of civic ownership to the surrounding community, as the gallery space publicly welcomes all. You can see more of the latest exhibition here.

Art Installation: Morne Visagie

Video: Rory Allen

Architecture: KUBE architecture

Project Management: Brett Castell

Photography: Johann Lourens / Nick Muzik

15.Moulding and balcony detail
11.Harrington Street
9.1st Storey signage
8.Commuter facilities

You can see more of The Harrington at

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