Animals: Ibride Design’s latest Furniture collection


We recently came across the Ibride Design Team furniture collection and felt it definitely needed sharing.

In 1996, Carine Jannin created her own brand specializing in furniture design. The collection re-imagines animals as furniture pieces. From playful children’s bedrooms, where colourful shapes are juxtaposed in wonderland-ish configurations to the traditional drawing room, animal silhouettes drifting through clouds of cigar smoke, the flexibility of the collection is an integral part of its strength. The references to the animal kingdom, structured archetypal shapes, and the graphic nature of their style makes the pieces easily recognizable, speaking to those of a more brand aware nature. Derived from concepts such as “cultivated in France ” and “the duality of objects”, the brand has cultivated its own unique identity on the fringes of standardization.

Today, supported by designers Rachel and Benoît Convers the proudly French brand has gone from strength to strength and is shipped to more than forty five different countries. Unfortunately the pieces are not available locally yet, but we trust that will change soon. .

Mobilier600Wide-2 Mobilier600Wide-4


Check out their Website for more information

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