Tydstroom Freezer Facility


The reach truck loading the first of over 2500 pallets onto the mobile racking system with the temperature maintained at a constant -20 degrees.

Cape Town architects, KUBE are pleased to announce that completion has been achieved at the Tydstroom Freezer Facility in Durbanville. The facility comprises of approximately 1000m2 of cold storage running at -20 degrees centigrade. The floor area is kept to an absolute minimum by introducing a mobile racking system. Not only does this allow the client to stack pallets six high but also reduces the floor area by 50 % compared to more conventional systems. Building costs are therefore reduced by a similar proportion, not to mention the refrigeration costs. Adjacent to the freezer is the +- 200m2 delivery and dispatch component, this being cooled to 10 degrees, balmy in comparison.

Leading off the dispatch area is a modest administration office, hygiene and wc facility. The plant room which drives the whole operation is situated on the southern side of the freezer store with the refrigeration pods sailing overheard. It has been a wonderful experience to be involved in such a technically demanding building and we wish the whole project team all the best in the future.


The marshaling yard with trucks delivering the first consignments.


Staircase from the plant room roof slab leading up to the “Refrigeration pod” level. On the left you can see the Colour coded refrigeration risers.


The two fire tanks on the left contain 225m3 of water, are 4.8m high and 8.1m in diameter. On the right is the electric fire pump which is backed up by a diesel equivalent.


Left; Fire tanks and pump house with the evaporator and freezer pods above. Right; The temperature within the pods runs at approximately -40 degrees. An entire rack fully laden consumes the power equivalent to that used by a domestic kettle. The lighting is synchronized with the mobile racking system. As the rows open and close between the individual racks so do the lights turn on and off.


On the left is the staircase leading up to the evaporator unit on the plant room roof. On the right the ammonia plant system is chilling away.

Project Team:

Client: Tydstroom Poultry Hano van Riet

Project Management: GEA Project Solutions Wiekus Venter

Architect: KUBE architecture Simon Mountford

Structural Engineer: ZII Consulting Engineers Eric Haughton

Electrical Engineer: Technoserve Electrical and Electronic Engineers Johan Petzer

Fire and Mechanical Consultants: Element Consulting Engineers Manie van Noordwyk

Quantity Surveying: Senekal, Allen & Partners Jooste Senekal

Contractor: Hare & Liddell Construction, Boebie Fredericks 021 531 0913

Mobile Racking: Barpro Storage SA James Cunningham

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