Implementation of New Energy Legislation (SANS10400XA): 14 May 2012


Like many other Cape Town architects we received this letter in the electronic mailbox the other day…What it says is that all new building work, alterations and additions included, would have to comply with these regulations which targets the amount of electricity consumed by households for heating water, temperature regulation and lighting.

Part XA of SANS10400 is aimed at decreasing the amount of energy used to heat and cool spaces by imposing strict limits on how much heat is conducted through the major elements of a building i.e. walls, roofs, floors, doors and windows. Considering that glazing has such a significant impact on the heat gain/loss of a building, this is where a large section of the regulation is focussed. Deemed to satisfy requirements allow for 15% of floor area to be glazed, which is very little when considering the value that views bear in relation to Cape Town properties. Should you exceed the allowable 15% you would need to satisfy the Solar Heat Gain and Conductance requirements contained within the regulation. This will often require specialized glazing and shading mechanisms.

The notice reads as follows:

Please be advised that:
• no new applications for exemption in terms of Regulation A2(6) can be accepted after 14th May and all new building plan applications received from Monday 14th May 2012 must comply with the requirements of Regulation XA, unless exemption has been granted. A signed acceptance form which is not older than 12 months must accompany the application.
• The SANS 10400 Forms have been amended to cater for Part XA. Ensure that the amended forms are used and correctly filled in. Note that there are new sections and new duties.

Roof and Piping Insulation:
• The type and thickness of all insulation and R-Values must appear on the plans

Information that must appear on the plans for fenestration:
• The window dimensions (height and width) and total glazing area
• The type of frame and type of glass
• The orientation of the façades
• The nett floor area per storey
• The U-values used
• The shading ratio (P/H) and the Solar Exposure Factors

For artificially ventilated buildings:
• The Energy Constants
• The Cooling Shading Multiplier
• The Heating Shading Multiplier
• The façade areas

In order to demonstrate compliance with regard to hot water the following information must appear on the plans:
• Full details of any water heating installations, including location, type and capacity.
• The hot water demand, the storage volume and heater power in accordance with SANS 10252-1 for the building .
• The solar storage tank capacity and an assessment of the roof by a competent person (structures) must accompany the plans, if applicable.
• The designer must certify, on the plans, that the requirements have been met.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at KUBE architecture, Cape Town for any further information.

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