Deluxe Coffee Works: The Original…and the New!


‘Waterfootprint’ is the new ‘it’ word and since it takes up to 140 litres of water to produce a single cup of coffee…you really should make it a good one!

Carl Wessel and Judd Francis, founders of Deluxe Coffee Works, started out roasting their beans at home. From there it was an important step to the now landmark in Church street just a block up from Greenmarket Square. The most popular brew is a flat white which according to our friends at Wikipedia originates from Australia and is prepared by pouring microfoam (steamed milk from the bottom of a pitcher) over a single or double shot of espresso. It is typically served in a 150-160ml ceramic cup and apparently is not at all the same as a cappuccino which uses dry foam…


Olaf Nel, who created the interior of the 25 Church street outlet, has a knack for putting together a great bar counter which was an important part of this New York style coffee bar. In fact the space is so confined that besides what is required for the counter there isn’t much more, which makes for a very cozy environment during the wet winter months. And in summer? Well, there’s always the benches out on the sidewalk where other people can see you having your deluxe.

The interior was created using materials which are hardwearing and would improve with age. The warmth of the timer floors is contrasted with a smoky glass counter top. Below the top a steel kick-plate combined with the heavy steel bar stools and industrial lighting add an air of boldness to the space. Against the wall the bones of a Vespa are arranged in a playful fashion. The curves of the Kiaat veneered storage units wrap around the space while the “Empire” watches, waiting for nightfall when the real work starts.

The shop which sits comfortably in the raw underbelly of Cape Town, is frequented by a diverse and colourful clientele from young Cape Town creatives to Business men and women and of course …us. Deluxe is also popular with the local law society which comes in handy according to Carl, who occasionally does something which might land him in trouble…


In May they’re opening a new Deluxe behind the Dog’s Bollocks…that new burger joint in Roodehek Road…just down the street from our offices. Nice! The new Deluxe is Carl and Judd’s response to the growing popularity of their coffee brand. After the success of the Church street outlet which has since been featured in Elle, House & Leisure, GQ, Wanted and Wallpaper, Olaf seemed a logical choice. The outlet which will be used for storing and roasting beans will ensure that you don’t have to go without your Deluxe ever again. The new larger roaster will be housed inside a factory-like space with an industrial aesthetic. Think hard-wearing, tough, tattoos, cool with a touch of timber and lighting to add only the necessary welcome. There will be ample space for you and the bar counter but while coffee is served, the main focus will be on roasting and storing.

The roastery is the latest addition to “the alley” which if all goes according to plan will be the new social hub where up-and-coming East-siders will be meeting, eating and fraternizing. Olaf has been hard at work on the new Deluxe outlet… and here’s a little taste of what you can expect…


Deluxe Gardens Section


Deluxe Gardens Concept

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