Saving on Architectural Fees?


Remember the old adage?
“If you think education is expensive, you should see how much it costs you to go without it.” The same applies to architecture: You may think you’re saving, but does it pay in the long run to build without an architect?

I recently watched as some alterations and additions were inflicted on a property in Cape Town.  The camaraderie exhibited on site indicated that the team had known each other from before, and that not being the previous construction site.  Wasting no time they set about rearranging the front yard of the property, and voila!  A couple of months later ‘Joe’ has not over-extended himself and ends up adding value to his house.
But what about the possibilities that have not been realized?
Any competent architect would have informed Joe that he could add two off-street undercover parking bays, and in a street where parking is about as common as hen’s teeth, this would have seemed quite an attractive proposition. In addition the cost of converting the lightweight roof structure over the carport into a deck would have been minimal.  The deck would have faced North which is the ideal exposure – not to mention where the ideal views of the harbour lies and inherently a big portion of market value.
Of course Joe does have a garden at the rear side of the house. Unfortunately, this is also the South side of the house and Joe will notice that a South-Easter is not such welcome company to have attending your late afternoon braai. At least the garden is sheltered from the North-Westerly wind which blows during winter, but unfortunately it will be 11deg. outside and pouring down.
The property is now for sale…

1 thought on “Saving on Architectural Fees?

  1. Mpumie

    I really appreciate the practical and informative approach you have come up with for your site, and potential clients. Clients will arrive at your door having considered what many architects mistakenly see as the obvious… Consider that we didn’t go to school for so many years to learn the obvious.


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